Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Sale!!!

I thought this year I would do something a little fun...
I will be having an online Sale!
All the products you see in the pictures below will be discounted for the month of Decmeber. There may only be one or two of each product in stock so if you would like something please let me know as soon as possible so I can keep it aside for you!
There are 2 clearance items listed at the bottom so check those out as well.
Special orders for the month of December will be 10% off so let me know if there is something you would like and you don't see it on the sale list.
For those of you who love to sew, or just love fabric. All the fabric will be marked down 10% as well.
Happy Shopping Everyone!!!

Please email your order to imbue.designs@gmail.com, or contact me @ (780)946.7737, I do ship for those of you who don't live in Edmonton.

.Ties. 10% off
were 22 now 19.80

.Hipster bags. 15% off
Were 60 Now 51

.Tote Bags. 15% off
Were 70 Now 59.50

This Pink Paisley Tote bag is on clearance for $40, the only thing wrong with it is the handle was sewn with the seam facing out, as you can tell in the picture. Most people probably wouldn't notice but since I see them every day I do.


Shimbashi Family Est. 2001 said...

Hey Kristi
Once again the bags look fabulous!! Vera Bradley has nothing on you. Congratulations on your successful business.
Merry Christmas!

ZogLady said...

Hey you!

I'll take the pink 'seam-gone'wrong' bag!

I get paid at the end of the month (just after the 20th), is that alright??!


kristi dupont said...

haha,thanks Liz, you are too cute!
Hope you guys have a great Christmas South of the border!!!!!!!!!!!!

kristi dupont said...

I will keep that bag aside for you mista!